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Homemade lemonades

Try our new, refreshing, summer tastes: raspberry-mint, silky “tarkhun” silky wormwood, sorrel, ginger. (0.5l -400 rubles / 1 liter -750 rubles)

Cold borscht is back on the menu!

It's finally arrived – the most summery of soups, a real favorite, and it's now available at our Italian trattatoria, Mozzarella Bar:)

Homemade strawberry jam

At our restaurant you can buy a jar of our incredibly delicious berry jam to take with you (850 rubles) or order it as your dessert with tea:)

New! Pizza with a homemade burrata cheese

Lots of cheese, tomato sauce, cherry tomatoes, pesto and ruccola. A delicious pizza that you simply have to try for 650 rubles :)